5 Tips for wedding planning through a pandemic

Welp, here we are. A flipping world wide pandemic!
As a venue owner and someone passionate about celebrating people...this is my true nightmare. Yes, my business is taking a sever beating, however, my pain does not come from a bank statement...it comes from consistently having crucial conversations that are changing the trajectory of a family's future. (OK, maybe a little dramatic but seriously wedding days are THE moment people dream of their entire lives). 
Here are a few tips and tricks to continue to be positive and move forward with wedding planning during an unprecedented and unique time. 


Write your vows

Sometimes it is hard to see the positive in a time full of uncertainty. I have a long standing habit of writing the 5 things I am thankful for each day. This gratitude journal also includes my goals for the future and other tid bits from my day. With extra time at home, what a perfect opportunity to start a journal of your own to write down things you are grateful for about your fiance. Utilize these words to construct your vows! 

Knock out those DIY projects

Pinterest can be the best (and sometimes the worst). I bet you have more than a few wedding DIY projects pinned on your "best day ever" board. Take a look for projects where you already have the majority of the items at home or you can order from the hardware store (they will stay open as an "essential" business). You can get them for delivery to comply with the stay at home mandates.  

Address your thank you cards now 

After your big day you will (hopefully) jump on a plane and jet-set to a beautiful beach full of fruity drinks and sun. Once you are back from the honeymoon you will be thrust back in to the real world...sometimes it is hard to fit in time to write thank you notes. You could utilize this time to address all the thank you notes. This will cut down the time it takes to get them out the door and in the mailbox. Also, just a tip... hand written thank you cards are NOT a thing of the past... manners my friends. 

Make your day-of schedule 

While your day to day may look a little different than it did before the pandemic, we can all dream of the future. Visualize yourself walking down the aisle, toasting to your happily ever after and dancing the night away. As you think through what you want your day to look like, make notes! Jot down the timelines for your perfect day then send it to your vendors to look over. They can provide tips, tricks and (let's be real) would LOVE the opportunity to think and dream about the future too. 


 Get a game plan for your social media

This may sound silly BUT there are so many opportunities to help spread the word about your big day! Are you going to create a custom #hashtag? Are you going to change your status and name on all of your platforms? Are you going to create a custom snapchat filter? Are you following all of your wedding vendors and have their correct handle so you can tag them after the big day? Do your wedding vendors have YOUR social information (because you NEED that sneak peak photo the second it comes out). 


These are just a few ways to stay positive and get productive during this time where you may be stuck at home longer than anticipated. I am sending you all the good thoughts and prayers.





Photo Credit: Rosewheat Photography