5 ways to support the event industry during the COVID-19 outbreak

In an industry full of confetti and champagne, the mandate to cease all celebrations is like a dagger to the heart. We understand the gravity of the situation and fully support all those sacrificing their time, utilizing their expertise and putting their lives on the line to help fight COVID-19. This virus has had a major impact on the event industry by halting all business and income for the time being. Here are a few ways you can support your favorite small businesses in the event industry. 
  • Reschedule your affected events versus cancelling all together.

No one is more devastated than your event vendors that your event is not going to be held as planned. Working together with your vendor team to reschedule your event will help the event industry keep our calendars full and fulfill our commitment to hold the big day you've been dreaming of! 

  • Leave a positive review on social media (The Knot, Google or Facebook)

If you have used an event industry professional's services before and had a great experience, leave a review! It will take you less than a minute and it means the absolute world to a small business. To go above and beyond, copy and paste your review and post it on multiple channels! You will make an entrepreneur's day.. week... year!  

  • Pay installments on time and in cash or check. 

We know that times are tough right now but if you have upcoming payments for your event, please send them in a timely manner. These payment installations will be what your vendors use to pay utility bills, keep great staff on payroll and ultimately allow for the doors to swing open once this virus is under control. If you have the option to pay in cash or check, this is an extra bonus and will save your vendor at least 3% in processing fees... any cent counts & is appreciated! 

  • Send encouraging words and creative ideas.

Our industry has dedicate our lives to serving and this virus has taken away our standard way to do this. We now have an opportunity to be creative and are looking for ways to help the community, create new revenue streams, and make a positive impact. If you have an idea, send it to your vendors! They will appreciate you thinking of them and wanting to support! 

  • Be transparent about decisions regarding your event and be understanding during difficult conversations.

We are all walking through this season together. Whether you are switching a date that does not jive with all of your vendor schedules or pairing down your guest list...let your vendors know as soon as possible. Let your vendor team work with you to make adjustments and help provide support and value. They care about you and ultimately want you to have the best event possible no matter the capacity at which they are involved. By letting your vendors know changes as soon as possible allows them to make adjustments on their end as well. 


    These are just a few ways that you can help your event industry professionals through this pandemic. Always remember that we are here for you and can't wait to celebrate again! 




    Photo Credit: LeAnn Meyer Photography