A Sweet Treat Conversation All About Cake with Carlee Erickson

Hey Friends, today on the podcast we are going to be chatting with Carlee Erickson, the owner of It’s a sweet treat day bakery. Carlee is daycare owner turned sugar genius who has taken her skills in business and baking to a whole new level. She has experience running a bakery storefront and is a master when it comes to all things wedding cake. I hope you enjoy this conversation and learn a bit more about the behind the scenes on that cake you cut on your big day!



I started baking and decorating cakes for friends and family over 20 years ago!  I never thought I could ever make this into a profession.  I always used to say that it was impossible to earn a living doing something I love so much!  Then in 2013, my husband asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I said I love to bake and my adventure started then and there!  Since 2013, I have been a part of over 1,000 weddings, countless birthdays, and witnessed smiles to last a lifetime.  My adventure has brought some ups and downs, lessons learned, and knowledge gained.  But in the end, this is what I love and I have been so blessed to bring my passion to so many amazing fans!  So I thank you and cannot wait to see how I can make your next special day a sweet treat day!


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