Dear Abbey: 5 Tips on starting, narrowing down and finalizing your wedding guest list.

I'm excited to talk to you today about one of the most important steps in planning your big day. Wedding planning is fun...for the most part. There is cake tasting, wedding dress shopping, parties and then there are some of the tedious tasks like making a guest list. This important step of planning your big day comes easily to some but is also a huge headache to others.  


Just yesterday, I just pulled up my wedding guest list which was created about 5 years ago to find an address of a dear friend. It is the one place that I still have addresses compiled. Gmail has everyone’s email address saved and auto populates on command but physical addresses are hard to come by so I reference it often. When I click in to the document titled...Brown2BrownFinalGuestCount... The excel spreadsheet takes a hot second to populate...I am not sure if it is because it is all the data included in it or the poor document is still tired from the countless hours it was open oh so many years ago.


Today I am going to provide you with 5 tips on starting, narrowing down and finalizing you wedding guest list...let’s get started


I'm Abbey Brown. Host of the Milestone Market Podcast. I’m a doodle loving marathon runner who has a passion for all things weddings and small business. I grew up in north Topeka watching my parents run a family business and mastering the art of human resources. At the age of 26, I had the amazing opportunity to leave my corporate America cubical to join forces with my family and open a one-of-a-kind wedding venue in the Topeka community.  Through this experience I fell in love with the industry and the families we get the privilege to serve. 


When I am not picking up confetti off of the ground or restocking the champagne, I am hanging out and dancing with the coolest husband around, Andrew, and our crazy toddler, Bennett. Our chunky golden doodle, Duncan, completes our team.


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