Unveiling the wedding coordinator role with Lindsay Kooser

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a wedding planner and wedding coordinator? Have you pondered if their services are worth the financial investment?  I am excited for you to meet Lindsay. She is the owner of Veil Events and is going to share her journey that led her to owning her own Wedding Coordination business. I hope you enjoy this conversation and gain a better perspective on this integral wedding industry role. Cheers! 


Lindsay started her wedding business by designing her very own wedding stationery in 2009. Once her friends started asking for her services, Lindsay created Kooser Design. Lindsay wanted to work in the wedding industry and got an internship at a Wedding Planning business. Next, Lindsay started doing wedding coordination for her friends, and eventually added this service to her Kooser Design business. Then came the idea for Veil Events. Lindsay wanted to use her experiences to help enable others to work in this rewarding and fulfilling industry.

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