Exploring the topic of elopements with BriJoRae

On today's episode of The Milestone Market podcast we are featuring BriJoRae. Bri is not only a skilled photographer but also happens to be ordained! She can both perform ceremonies and capture your big day's most intimate details. Her creative capacity is second to none and I am thrilled to have her share stories from her long standing career. She focuses on serving her clients and showcasing their unique stories. In this episode, we cover the topic of elopements and the intimacy of smaller gatherings. ⁠



Meet Bri! She is a personal brand and elopement consultant, specializing in photography and videography! She is from Kansas- right in the middle of these beautiful United States! Why Kansas you ask? Well apart from it just being home, being centrally rooted allows me to reach some of the most amazing locations with great ease!

Bri's greatest joy is found in helping other women discover and express who they are and what they're meant for in this world- whether that be in an entrepreneurial sense or in regards to wifehood! Because of this, she plans personally crafted adventures and visual productions for ladies who are getting married and/or running their own businesses!


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